Another Casey Update

This one courtesy of Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Michael Heaton, who’s been doing an occasional series on WTAM/1100 sports voice Casey Coleman and his battle with pancreatic cancer…

And the news, unfortunately, is not good.

In today’s piece, Heaton spotlights Casey’s road to personal recovery from alcohol addiction. He tells the story not many outside the broadcast industry actually knew, of the hard-charging former TV anchor slamming down booze enough to be arrested for DUI, and to be diagnosed as a “full-blown alcoholic” when he entered treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.

A turn to 12-step programs, and faith, brought him around and out of that addiction. It’s that story that will be shown to addicts on a DVD Coleman showed Heaton for the article.

But…alas, the bad news.

Heaton reports that Coleman says he “feels more frail by the day”, and that he feels the diagnosis of having six months to live back in June is “fairly right on”, feeling what he calls a “three ring circus of pain” in his body. It’s come to the point that Casey, as he puts it, is “hopeful to see January”.

A miracle? One can still hope…

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