Random Items Not Related to Sports Radio

At the risk of it getting around here like it was during the SportsTime Ohio launch, when we had four items in a row about that particular news item, we’ll break up the ESPN Radio 1540 flow with some random items:

CLEAR CHANGES?: We haven’t said much about this major national business news story for good reason…we don’t know how it’ll affect the dozens of Clear Channel stations within our editorial reach in Ohio and nearby markets.

But yes, the San Antonio-based radio giant has confirmed that it is looking into going off Wall Street and going private. A number of reports, including this one in New York Newsday, say that a number of private equity buyout firms are sniffing at the prospect.

Since we don’t have a business editor here at OMW, we don’t have much to say about it…and we don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the on-air and off-air professionals working at the various Ohio outlets of the company. But we felt we had to mention it…

BYE, BYE LONDON LISTENERS: Like many full-power Cleveland stations, Clear Channel oldies WMJI/105.7 has enjoyed a secondary listenership across Lake Erie, particularly in the London ONT area.

It’s a fairly straight shot across the lake into Canada, and we know WMJI and other Cleveland stations have acknowledged the Canadian audience occasionally over the years.

Those days might be in the past for some WMJI listeners under the Maple Leaf flag.

Our colleague Scott Fybush reports at NorthEast Radio Watch this week that a new signal in the works for the London area is proposing to set up shop on 105.7, moving from an application to use 91.1 due to flack from a Toronto station on that frequency.

Since WMJI is obviously a non-protected service there, Canadian listeners wanting to hear “Majic 105.7” may eventually have to go online to listen to the station’s webcast…

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