No, We Haven’t Moved to Cincinnati

No, we never left Northeast Ohio, but we’re getting a lot of ribbing about the Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio focus of our items in the past few days. Patience, please.

As noted by us and by others, the Queen City has been a very, very active market. It’s not often that four major radio stations in a large market completely change from top to bottom inside of two weeks. We’ve been following it from our local perch, with help from OMW readers and listeners in the market.

We suspect that if we were based down there back in 2001, we’d have had similar items about the Great Frequency Swap up here…from the same bemused, detached perspective. The fact that at least one of the stations involved runs one of our “home” formats (talk) has also played a part.

But no matter, the upshot is that basically nothing of significant (or even insignificant) note has happened in Northeast Ohio radio/TV the past few days.

Though, we are reminded by an OMW reader that the Cincinnati changes do have one Northeast Ohio effect: the previously announced format change of alt-rock WAQZ/97.3 to country “97.3 The Wolf” means the end of Cleveland-based host Shane “Rover” French’s show on the station.

Short of camping out near a radio to hear the latest puzzler out of the mouth of a certain eat-on-the-air afternoon talk show host, there’s really been nothing we could write about…aside from the doings down south, that is.

But…it looks like that’s changing…and fast.

We’re working on fresh items with lots of Northeast Ohio content…stay tuned!

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