A New Station in Wooster – Well, Sort Of

An OMW reader alerted us to the presence of a billboard seen while driving through Wayne County, trumpeting “your new family fun station” on 102.7 FM. Huh?

We weren’t aware of any new radio stations in that area, especially one with enough resources to buy a billboard, so we did some digging and found this.

In specific, it’s a new translator for Mansfield’s WVMC/90.7, a non-comm Christian contemporary outlet (“Christian Hit Radio”) which also operates a translator on 91.1 in nearby Ashland.

The station proudly announces the new translator on its website:


The Lord has been amazing as we planned, prepared and worked toward this goal!

And now, WVMC FM has three frequencies to serve North Central Ohio: 90.7 Mansfield, 91.1 Ashland and now 102.7 Wooster!

But we missed the translator when we first started surfing through the FCC database.

The station is licensed to Jefferson OH, which we always thought was the small town in Ashtabula County. Evidently, someone at WVMC uncovered a subdivision or census place name “Jefferson” near Wooster.

W274AN, as the new 13 watt translator is officially known, is camped out on the southern edge of Wooster.

A MySpace page run by someone who appears to be WVMC’s engineer says the station went on the air October 4th

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