A Radio Check For Us

UPDATE 12/2/06 3:07 PM: Well, so much for that. The station literally signed off in mid-song just a short time ago.

Have we nabbed the second pirate your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) has ever heard? The first was the “WCUE Pirate”, who camped out on 91.9 FM with a distorted voice and a few jingles from the old top 40 format at WCUE/1150 Cuyahoga Falls a few months back.

Though we can’t link the two from what we heard, the “WCUE Pirate” was running at roughly the same time of day on a Saturday afternoon…


Just a quickie:

We’re asking our readers to tune to 103.7 FM at this hour and tell us if you hear what we’re hearing – an oldies/classic hits mix with few identifiers. Actually, only one, a guy who just came on and said “103.7 FM”.

The frequency has been occupied, depending on atmospheric conditions, by WRTS/103.7 “Star 104” out of Erie PA, but this is very clearly not them.

The signal may or may not be stronger in the Akron area, though it’s a bit weak to be that close to the OMW World Headquarters…

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