Some 101.7 Quick Hits

It turns out that December 12th is a pretty eventful day surrounding Northeast Ohio’s 101.7 FM frequency, as two separate events are happening even as we post this item.

First, OMW readers tell us that steel has finally arrived this morning at the World Famous Future Transmitter Site location at 22nd and Whipple NW in Canton, and that said steel is being erected starting today.

Second, OMW ears in the Dover/New Philadelphia area report that today is the last “solo” morning show for the WJER stations, and that it’s being announced that the reported “merger” of the AM and FM shows will begin tomorrow…completing the full simulcast of the two facilities, at least while 101.7 still broadcasts from the area.

To that end, OMW hears that the new show, which will air only on WJER(AM) 1450 after FM 101.7 ends service to Dover/New Philadelphia on December 26th, will be hosted by current AM host Randy Fox…with FM host (and WJER sports director) Bill Morgan contributing sports and otherwise taking part in the effort…

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