Midweek Mix

A few mostly unrelated items:

‘HBC PD?: OMW hears that staffers at NextMedia AC WHBC-FM/94.1 Canton “Mix 94.1” were being introduced to a new program director on Tuesday.

Who is that programmer?

We only hear that he may have a “Buzzard” past. But that’s about all we know. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

JAYBIRD TRIBUTE: Rubber City Radio news/standards WAKR/1590 Akron is planning a full-fledged tribute to late local country radio icon Jaybird Drennan on Friday’s “Ray Horner Show”.

WAKR/Rubber City news director Ed Esposito tells OMW that they hope to have some recordings of Jaybird, which are hard to find. If you are hanging onto any audio of Jaybird and would like to share, please contact Rubber City…we’re sure they’d be appreciative of the contributions.

And we’re sure listeners would also appreciate the audio being put up on Rubber City’s AkronNewsNow. We’ve had at least two requests for us to share such audio, but unfortunately, A) we have none and B) OMW has no capability to host anything other than text and pictures.

If we hear anything more about online samples of Jaybird’s golden voice, we’ll let you know…

WHILE WE’RE STOPPING (VIRTUALLY) AT WAKR: Mr. Esposito reminds us that the Akron outlet of the Cleveland Indians recently signed a contract extension to keep carrying the Tribe in the market.

The five year deal was announced late last month, but it somehow missed the OMW Radar…

LAW LEAVES ST. LOUIS: Former WSPD/1370 Toledo program director Al Brady Law is leaving his St. Louis station, CH Holdings talk KTRS/550.

The departure is described by both parties as “amicable”, though there’s no question Law went through a lot in his time at the station.

You see, “CH Holdings” is actually the corporate name for the station owned by the St. Louis Cardinals baseball club, and the venerable talk station has gone through quite a number of changes since the baseball team got involved.

And that’s not even counting the KTRS host who had an infamous slip of the tongue, and got fired (with national attention) for inadvertently airing a racial slur.

Law tells Radio and Records Online:

“I’m up for finding a troubled radio station that is looking for some help. My last two stations have improved greatly under my leadership and I’m ready to do it again.”

What are the chances of Law heading back to Ohio?

We haven’t heard anything, but are reminded that he has long-standing ties to Clear Channel Cleveland-based programming VP Kevin Metheny…

CVCO BUYS IN ALABAMA – AGAIN: Christian Voice of Central Ohio, the radio group based at Columbus market CCM outlet WCVO/104.9, is buying its second Alabama radio station.

This time, it’s sports WTKI/1450 Huntsville AL joining the CVCO stable, which also includes WCVO “River” sister station WCVZ/92.7 South Zanesville.

The company’s first acquisition in Alabama, religious WAJF/1490 Decatur AL, now sports the calls WDPT. Decatur is just down the highway from Huntsville…

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