The title here stands for “What Would Clear Channel Sell?”, believe it or not.

We already know that the company has announced spinoffs of many small market clusters, above the top 100, as part of its recent announced sale to two private equity funds.

But the folks at Inside Radio report today that it would appear CC is willing to sell off “extra” stations in many large markets, grandfathered into its ownership…but with that grandfathering going away with a company sale.

The trade website has gone through the numbers and has come up with a list of markets where Clear Channel would have to sell at least one station to come under the ownership caps. The timing on this would appear to be “sometime by the end of 2007”, presumably in time to clear the way for the sale to the private equity funds.

Ohio appears on Inside Radio’s list four times, including Dayton (2 FMs), nearby Springfield (2 FMs), and the already-tagged-for-sale Lima market.

But for us here at OMW, it is Cleveland that is the problem.

The current group of 5 FMs in the Cleveland Clear Channel cluster is apparently one above what FCC regulations would allow, according to the Inside Radio list, though we’re still unclear about the status of Akron-licensed WAKS/96.5 “Kiss FM”.

If you’re Clear Channel, which FM station do you sell at Oak Tree? (Of course, the company is in no danger on the AM side, with WTAM/1100 being its sole signal on that band.)

Keep in mind that formats can be moved and the like.

Is the 96.5 signal the automatic sell, and if so, what do you do with “KISS FM” and the remaining formats?

Welcome to Speculation City.

Since it may be a few months before any of this hits the fan, feel free to join in for once. Just, please, no personal attacks, and keep it professional…

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