EXCLUSIVE: Bull About To Ride in Canton?

It’s just under a week before Clear Channel takes over the station now known as WJER-FM/101.7 Dover, and turns it into…a Canton market radio station.

We may have an idea of what you’ll hear on 101.7 when it starts transmitting from the now-nearly complete transmitter site at The World’s Biggest Radio Tower Tourist Attraction at 22nd and Whipple NW in Canton.

Thanks to an OMW tipster, we’ve uncovered a Clear Channel-run website for “101.7 The Bull”, which would appear to be pretty much a complete site for a country format on the new Clear Channel incarnation of the 101.7 frequency out of the Canton site.

The site promises “Canton’s Better Country”, and a 25,000 song “no commercial” start.

There are also some very interesting things we’ve spotted, assuming this is not one giant Internet stunt meant to bring out, well, folks like us:

STAFF: On the “On-Air” link, a pull down menu promises, among other things, “Bull Mornings with Terry and Jessica”.

We don’t know who “Jessica” is, but we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see former WHBC-FM morning co-host/operations manager Terry Simmons as the “Terry”. That’s just a wild guess on our part, though we’re now being told by our original source that it is NOT the same “Terry”.

Also listed, in afternoons, is long-time WKDD/98.1 utility player Jon Marochino.

CALL LETTERS: The “Contact” web page lists the station’s toll-free request line number as 888-444-WHOF.

That’d be a darn good set of call letters for a country radio station based in the “Hall of Fame City”, no?

And sure enough, yesterday, a Clear Channel license subsidiary which happens to hold the license for the in-transit 101.7 FM filed a request for the WHOF call letters…

LISTENING LIVE: The station will apparently launch with live streaming audio, per the links on the website.

AND A REMINDER: We did some searching on back items here, and noticed that the “” URL is still up and running, and still dutifully forwarding web surfers to the site of sister station WKDD/98.1…which we find a bit odd.

Clear Channel has been known to set up “smokescreen” format websites before. We caution that though we’re pretty sure about this – and honestly, the rumors we’ve been getting have been running about 80 percent in the “country” category – anything could happen.

Our sources within the Clear Channel Akron/Canton compound on Freedom Avenue are unusually quiet on this, and won’t even approach this information we got from a tipster – who doesn’t appear to have any connection to their building.

So, we’re left to wonder, but this bull seems ready to ride from this corner…as soon as December 27th or thereabouts…

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