Station Owner Passes

We’ve been meaning to put this up since it was brought to our attention by long-time friend and colleague Scott Fybush over at NorthEast Radio Watch…

Dick Plessinger was perhaps best known in Ohio for running the country’s only “all-Elvis” radio station, Cincinnati market AM outlet WCVG/1320 Covington KY. Plessinger, who recently sold that station – now Regional Mexican “La Ley” – to Davidson Media Group, passed away December 19th.

We’re reminded that Plessinger also owned Cincinnati market rimshots WAOL/99.5 Ripley and WAXZ/97.7 Georgetown, which were eventually sold to First Broadcasting…and are now paired up with WOXY/97.7 Oxford as adult hits outlet “MAX FM”.

Scott tells us that Plessinger was especially proud of the “all-Elvis” format on WCVG, which gained the small station worldwide attention. If we recall correctly, it was NOT a “stunt”, but actually lasted at least a year or two.

RIP, Mr. Plessinger…as your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) appreciates involved local owners with a flair, we mark your passing…

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