More Reflections on “Boom”

Like those local radio icons who passed before him in recent weeks, WMMS veteran Len “Boom” Goldberg basically defined what happened around him on the radio.

Like Jaybird Drennan, whose voice you instantly hear in your head when you think about long-time Akron country outlet WSLR “Whistler 1350”, “Boom” was the voice of “The Buzzard”.

He was also the station’s longest running air personality, continuing with weekend airshifts on WMMS long after others took over his full-time duties.

Former WMMS programmer John Gorman checks in with OMW, and offers this reaction to the news:

The news is a shock to all of us. I just spoke with Boom a few days ago and we were planning to have lunch in a couple of weeks. He was in good spirits and felt well when we talked.

From what I understand Boom’s now teaching God how to get a thunderous, authoritative voice like his.

Boom’s long-time radio home has started airing a number of his old sweepers and other production. WMMS has also put up the beginning of a tribute page here, which opens up with classic Boom production audio, and the page promises to add more.

To that end, OMW hears that anyone who has more audio to contribute should contact the folks at ‘MMS, as they are actively looking for more.

As we write this item, we wonder what radio or whatever it turns into will be like in 40 or 50 years. Will there be someone on whatever the equivalent of a blog is, reminiscing about one of today’s younger “stars” after his or her 30 or 40 year run?

Probably not. Unless radio gets its act together and realizes that PEOPLE, particularly locally, bring local PEOPLE to the radio.

RIP, “Boom”…

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