Year-End Closeout Sale


Oh, sorry, not that kind of “closeout”. We’re just looking under the chair here for some leftover items, and some updates…

MORE BOOM: Tributes and funny stories keep pouring in for Len “Boom” Goldberg, the long-time WMMS/100.7 voice who passed away this week.

The Plain Dealer’s Julie Washington has a story in Friday’s paper about the man almost everyone calls simply Boom. Washington says Boom was found dead in his South Euclid home on Wednesday, and died at the age of 74.

Washington says Goldberg’s family is planning a service next week at Faulhaber Funeral Home in Broadview Heights.

One funny story we’ve heard from OMW reader, Cumulus talk WTOD/1560 Toledo program director and voice-over guy Chuck Matthews: a recording is floating around somewhere of a recording session between Boom and Mitch Todd, one of “THOSE” big voices you hear doing various imaging work for stations across the country.

It seems Mitch was trying to school Boom on how to pronounced “Cleveland”. We’ll let Chuck pick it up from a recent comment:

Boom tells Mitch, on the audio, that he’s been saying “Cleeeeve-land” longer than Mitch has been alive. Sounding like a whipped little boy Mitch’s reply “Ok Boom, whatever you say.” FUNNNYYYY!

Our thanks for the corrections on this – we had the wrong production voice. It was Mitch Todd, who is now doing production for Sirius Satellite Radio.

We never met Boom…we’ve only heard his voice. But it sounds like Boom enjoyed a funny story or two, or five, or ten, over the years…

THE OSU BUCKEYES IN THE BCS TITLE GAME ON…WHK?: Salem Cleveland talker WHK/1420 has been advertising its broadcast of the Bowl Championship Series title game January 8th, featuring THE Ohio State University Buckeyes battling with the Florida Gators.

Umm, aren’t WHK and sports talker WKNR/850 no longer being operated by the same people?

As it turns out, WHK has picked up the rights to the national radio broadcast of the game by ESPN Radio, with Brent Musburger and former Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit on the call.

The Buckeyes Radio Network feed, of course, will be heard on WKNR…the local affiliate now operated by Good Karma Broadcasting, though still technically owned by Salem until the $7 million sale is finalized…

WAPS FUNDRAISING: A tip of the OMW hat (if only we wore them) to the Akron Public Schools-owned AAA outlet, WAPS/91.3 “The Summit”.

The Akron Beacon Journal’s Jim Carney focuses on the station’s “Future Radio Campaign”, where it’s raising $300,000 for new equipment. About half the money is being raised from listeners.

The station’s page on the campaign promises the new money will go for a “new, higher-powered transmitter”, a panel antenna aimed at “dramatically improving” the station’s signal, and equipment to take “The Summit” into the HD Radio age.

We have no idea what power increase WAPS could get, if any, as any paperwork that would be required to do so has not been filed yet…

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