Two Quick Hits

Our apologies for being away, as what was advertised as a two-hour Blogger outage turned into a four-hour outage. It’s free, right?

NEXTMEDIA CHANGES: And no, the NextMedia changes we’re talking about are not at the company’s Canton cluster…but rather, at the top.

NextMedia co-founder and executive chairman Carl Hirsch is stepping down from his post at the mid-to-small market radio group. He’s heading out for new challenges in media, or so the release says. His departure is said to be amicable, and he’s also cashed out his financial stake in the company.

NextMedia, of course, owns Canton’s WHBC/1480 and WHBC-FM/94.1…

WHOF?: OMW hears that Clear Channel’s new Canton move-in, WHOF/101.7 North Canton, could be on the air from 22nd and Whipple NW as soon as tomorrow.

We hear that the station could launch as “Marilyn 101.7”, with hard rock featuring Canton native Marilyn Manson.

Wait, you didn’t BELIEVE that, did you? We’re just joking!

We actually don’t know where the WHOF format wheel will land, between long-rumored format choices of country, soft AC, oldies or anything else that’s been thrown out there just to confuse us.

We also caution that the station may not sign on with its final format, though that’s just a wild guess on our part…based on what other stations have done before.

There wouldn’t appear to be a need for a long stunt format, though, as the station has literally been off the air for all of 2007…

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