BREAKING NEWS: Rover Loses St. Louis

It’s not quite in the “major” breaking news category, but since we’re here anyway, getting ready for our “official” return on Monday…

CBS alt-rock/talk WXRK/92.3 “K-Rock” morning host Shane “Rover” French has just lost another affiliate.

Emmis St. Louis alt-rocker KPNT/105.7 “The Point” dumped Cleveland-based “Rover’s Morning Glory” after this morning’s airing, just a couple of hours or so ago.

OMW hears that the station proclaimed that “Rover is Over” just minutes after the end of the show at 10 AM St. Louis time, and played supposed listener calls with such choice comments as “shoot the dog!”.

“The Point” has already put up the web page for Rover’s replacement, something called “The “Fandango Experiment”…hosted by former KPNT air personality Donnie Fandango returning to the station for morning drive:


Effective immediately, Rover’s Morning Glory is history on The Point.

Because you demanded it, we’re introducing an all new Point morning show, with a helluva lot less talk, and a ton more music.

The new local show starts Monday.

“Rover’s Morning Glory” was on the St. Louis station as its replacement for former morning man Howard Stern. But the Emmis-owned outlet was the only non-CBS Radio station making that move…

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