They Have Left The Building

Two departures, and one return of someone who “left the building” a lot. Well, at least a return in recorded form…

CHRIS MILLER’S EXIT: Today is WEWS/5 sports director Chris Miller’s last day at the Cleveland ABC affiliate.

And the “NewsChannel 5” sports anchor is doing a farewell tour of sorts, if you count his appearance this morning on WKNR/850 “ESPN 850″‘s mid-morning talk show with competitor-until-now Tony Rizzo.

Miller, who joins Washington DC-based Comcast SportsNet as its main sports news anchor next month, sounded comfortable on “Rizzo on the Radio”, which makes us wonder if he’d ever considered taking a similar path to the FOX 8 sports anchor – doing sports talk radio as a sideline.

If we were running a DC-based sports talk station, we’d at least give him a call. He did, after all, name check Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder also owns Red Zebra Broadcasting, parent company of the new Washington-area sports talk outlet “Triple X ESPN Radio”, a three signal operation on AM 730, FM 92.7 and FM 94.3 in the DC area.

OMW hears that “NewsChannel 5” honchos are in no hurry to replace Miller, with sports anchor John Chandler filling in as primary anchor on a temporary basis – perhaps through June, with Sue Ann Robak moving into the second slot.

The two-person sports department could get to be a rather tricky proposition if, say, the Cleveland Cavaliers drive deep into the NBA playoffs…

LEAVING WHBC: A veteran of NextMedia oldies WHBC/1480 and AC WHBC-FM/94.1 “Mix 94.1” is stepping down after some 40 years on the job.

We don’t blame you if you don’t recognize the name. Bill Glasser has been doing engineering for the Canton stations for at least that long. He retires from his post as WHBC’s chief engineer today.

We invite you to our friend and colleague Scott Fybush’s “Tower Site of the Week” entries that focused on WHBC’s facilities, including the site which is the home of WHBC-FM and half of the two site AM 1480 operation, and the as-if-frozen-in-time studio complex on Market Street South.

A tip of the OMW hat to Mr. Glasser, a local engineering mainstay…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH: And concertgoers back in the day certainly remember the phrase “Elvis has left the building”. But the King of Rock and Roll – or at least, a program based on Elvis Presley’s music – has returned to the building…the building on Oak Tree Blvd. in Independence that houses Clear Channel’s Cleveland cluster.

AllAccess reports that the syndicated show “Elvis Only” returns to the weekend airwaves at the company’s oldies outlet, WMJI/105.7.

We hear that the show was quite popular in its time slot, but may have been taken off WMJI due to the station’s ongoing effort to reach younger listeners…a battle oldies stations are facing nationwide.

But we also hear that “Elvis Only” is still popular in younger demos, at least among the usual oldies listener age groups…

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