Word Is

OK, we’ll have to admit that we got a chuckle out of the item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s “TipOff” column this morning, crafted with loving care by columnist Michael K. McIntyre.

“Word is,” says McIntyre borrowing a tride-and-true phrase, that ex-PD sports media columnist Roger Brown is out at Cleveland market CBS affiliate WOIO/19’s “19 Action News”…apparently making his own decision to step down from the gig.

Brown E-Mailed his former employer to note that he left his role as 19’s sports/gossip guy to – and we quote here – “devote my attention to other possibilities, options and opportunities”.

Those opportunities may or may not include writing a weekly sports/gossip/media column for the Lorain Morning Journal and Lake County News-Herald.

Though we don’t get either paper here at the OMW World Headquarters, we’ve only been able to find two columns written by Brown on the co-owned papers’ websites – the latest on March 4th. If he’s still writing the column, it certainly wouldn’t appear to be a weekly one…assuming there’s not a web glitch in the works causing columns not to show up online.

Brown expresses interest in doing “more TV work in the future”, though we’re not entirely sure where an on-air sports gossip reporter goes after leaving the most gossipy news operation in the market.

And we’ll toss it to Mr. McIntyre for the perfect closing line in a piece about Roger Brown:

…we have no idea whether he has sold his house or how much it went for.

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