Drennan’s New STO Show Announced

As per usual, we’re away from the keyboard when news is breaking. In fact, we had to flag down a stray person with a laptop to put this one up…we’ll expand it later.

To no one’s surprise, cable/satellite sports network SportsTime Ohio has officially announced the hiring of long-time local sports personality Bruce Drennan, last heard doing mid-mornings on Cleveland sports talker WKNR/850, on the Internet on, and seen most recently at…well, you know.

And our first reaction when hearing the news: “They called his show WHAT???”

In an apparent effort to get the talk about his gambling problems away up front, Drennan’s new daily sports talk show will be called…are you sitting down?…”All Bets Are Off”.

(Thus, former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose will have to come up with another show name if he ever returns to sports talk radio. If you think we’ve got a million of ’em, drop by SportsBoy Tony’s for a much more humorous take on this announcement…)

The new Drennan show will air 5 days a week – Sundays at 7 PM, and Monday through Thursday at 3 PM – and debuts April 1st.

STO is also expanding its schedule to 24/7 with the new show and other new programming, along with repeats of games old and new, and devoting the 9 AM-noon slot for “Product Showcase” – a fancy term for infomercials…

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