WHBC’s Early Talk Debut

UPDATE 3/26/07 1:35 PM: As reported and expected, the WHBC talk format has launched. We’ll keep the item open for comments until later tonight, as opposed to starting another item… –The Management


OMW hears from numerous sources that the debut of the talk format on NextMedia’s WHBC/1480 Canton will happen on Monday.

The date that had been floated out of the building for the debut was April 2nd.

But WHBC is apparently ready at the starting gate for March 26th – perhaps because they signed on the dotted line with FOX Sports Radio to fill the remaining hours of non-music programming, starting this Monday.

Monday is also the start of the much-aforementioned syndicated program hosted by Dennis Miller, who will be heard noon-3 PM on 1480. And OMW also hears that local 10 AM-noon host Ron Ponder will debut that day as well.

And in answer to one question – no, morning drive hosts Fred Chenevey and Pam Cook aren’t going anywhere. Their information-based local morning show is quite typical on such a news/talk station.

We say “news/talk” because of that, and because of the continued presence of the station’s local news staff…it’s a very standard format move.

Anyway, if you’re hoping to catch the last gasp of oldies music on WHBC, we’d assume that would be sometime late Sunday evening…

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