Job Board, June Edition

Long time OMW readers know that we eagerly accept employment related posts…both from job seekers, and those with actual employment opportunities..and post them free of charge.

Here’s a good one for the right, up and coming radio engineer.

Radio One’s Cleveland cluster is looking for an assistant chief engineer. The cluster’s chief engineer, Gary Zocolo, tells us:

I have a great position for an aspiring engineer who has the fundamental knowledge accumulated. It would probably be one of the best jobs they ever held in their lives.

Gary says pay is “quite respectable” and appropriate for the position, and knows this is the perfect job for someone out there…perhaps you, OMW reader.

Now, we’ll put up the official Radio One job posting in a bit, but why are we getting so detailed on this?

Gary Zocolo is a long-time Friend of OMW…dating back decades, long before the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) was even a twinkle in your Primary Editorial Voice’s eye.

In fact, he is the OMW reader we’ve known the longest, and that even includes long-time personal and professional friend Scott Fybush of NorthEast Radio Watch. (We’ve had more hot dogs with Scott, though. Heh.)

We know Gary. He’s a good guy, a talented engineer (along with his brother, both well-established veterans in the broadcast engineering game), and we’d like to help him fill this opening.

Here’s the official Radio One job opening…you can apply through the company’s careers website (search on Cleveland), and we can put you in touch with Gary. Just drop us a note, and we’ll send it along.

Good luck!


Assistant Chief Engineer

Assists the Chief Engineer with installation, maintenance, or modification of studio broadcasting equipment and transmitter site infrastructure in accordance with FCC compliance.


One year certificate from college or technical school; three years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience;
Able to lift 50 lbs;
Multitask and work long hours
Excellent communication skills and able to interact effectively with the station clients and listeners;
Other duties may be assigned.


Systems and Equipment
Professional Development

OBJECTIVES (by Responsibility):

Systems and Equipment

1. To routinely and competently perform maintenance of all the technical systems and equipment that include:

IT Systems installation, maintenance and support
Transmitter equipment installation and maintenance
Studio technical maintenance
Work with other department staff members on common technical matters such as remote broadcasts and special events.
All other technical facets in broadcast engineering

2. To competently assist in the design and installation of new equipment on a project basis as assigned by the Chief Engineer.


1. To ensure that appropriate Self-Management is exercised at all times, as it applies to the overall function and specifically as it relates to:

Overall Professionalism
Dress code (should be consistent with your job function, includes appropriate grooming)
Confidentiality (at all times)
Managing Emotions (Emotional Maturity and control in all situations)
Taking Initiative (may include taking risks)
Being self-directed
Accepting responsibility
Being accountable
Accepting and growing with others Critique

Being objective (issue relevant)
Building and maintaining workable relationships
Suspending judgment (when relevant)
Not discriminating
Being accepting rather than judgmental (when appropriate)
Allowing others their feelings
Extending common courtesies
Behaving out of a sense of urgency (when appropriate)
Striving for Balance
Appropriately delegating
Evolving self-awareness
Problem Solving and Decision Making (within scope of the function)

Professional Development

1. To participate in relevant skill building workshops as it applies to the ongoing development of the function.
2. To stay current with all relevant industry information as it applies to the overall job responsibility.
3. To drive your own Performance Appraisal every six months.
*Professionalism is described as being consistently appropriate in all situations and at all times

*Competence is defined as using “effectiveness and efficiency” in equal measure at all times

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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