The Move

As explained below, for now, all Ohio Media Watch activity will take place on our social media presence (Twitter/Facebook).

The domain is forwarding to our Twitter page, which you can see here:

As a reminder and clarification, you do NOT HAVE TO JOIN TWITTER to read that page. There is a sign in link and a “Follow” area, but you can just ignore them if you aren’t on Twitter, or don’t want to be on Twitter. Just read the page that comes up.

When/if this blog returns in its original form, you’ll see the link to the announcement on that page, and will be set to no longer forward to the Twitter page.

Again, you don’t have to be a member of Twitter, you don’t have to sign up or follow us on Twitter, just read the page that comes up…

–The Management


  1. I am truly sorry to see you go. I am going to miss reading your blog. I am nott a twiter guy so I will check your webpage frequently. Your blog was probably the fairest I have read. I hope that in the future that cirumstances chage and you are able to return to “full production.”

  2. Well that sucks… I would rather read your blog than look at a list of encrypted info that can not be longer than 140 characters. Can’t stand Twitter! They are taking over the media by storm. So sick of this hash-tag crap!

    I might as well delete the OMW Blog bookmark from my browser.

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