Our New Look

Effective immediately, Ohio Media Watch is moving to a site hosted under our domain name:

This will be the last post on…please click the link above and, as we hinted earlier, bookmark it for use in the future.

OMW is moving to a self-hosted site, and off of the free platform. We’re still using WordPress on the new site, just not their hosting side.

There are many reasons we are doing this. Our goal, in the end, will be a site still very familiar to you in content and mission.

We look to expand OMW beyond just a simple blog, and would like suggestions on content you’d like to see here in the future.

But we’ll also give you a heads up…with our move, we can now offer advertising. Before you scroll down to the comments and fire away at us, read a bit further.

This Mighty Blog(tm) has no intent on turning into an advertising-laden site.

We absolutely enjoy Dave Hughes’ DCRTV, the authority on broadcasting and media in the Washington/Baltimore area. Dave has a large number of advertisers and advertisements are all over the top and the right side of his scroll.

The scope of what we do here at OMW is quite limited by comparison to Dave’s effort. The area’s TV and radio markets combined are much smaller than the DC/Baltimore area.

If we get enough advertising to pay our communications/phone/Internet bills, we’ll be doing better than expected.

For now, there’s one primary advertiser you’ll learn about soon, with a very unique story that fits in perfectly with what we do here. (And that advertiser is a long-time OMW reader.)

You’ll also see small ads for two long-time Friends of OMW.

Scott Fybush (NorthEast Radio Watch) has helped your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) and this blog many times over the years, so it’s about time we help him a little. You’ve read much about Scott over the years, and NERW. It’s required reading if you care even one whit about radio and other media just to our east. (And occasionally, NERW-land and OMW-land share space along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, particularly in the Youngstown/Warren market.)

Lance Venta is the proprietor of It started as an alternative to the long-time message boards, but Lance has turned RadioInsight into a premiere source of radio information. He’s gained a name sleuthing radio station domain registrations that often lead to a new, unannounced format change.

Lance is providing the hosting and backend support for the new OMW site, including its new design and logo.

RadioInsight has also launched its RadioInsight Community, sort of the modern version of the old message boards.

Effective immediately, the RadioInsight Community’s Cleveland forum will become the official forum of Ohio Media Watch. For those of you seeking more interactivity aside from our comments section, this is a perfect solution. There’s a link to RadioInsight Community on the main page of OMW.

We’re proud to call NERW and RadioInsight our “content partners” here at OMW.

Again, we have no intent on overloading OMW with advertising, or even moderately loading it with ads.

We do intend on increasing useful content wherever possible.

Of course, Life will still Intervene(tm), and we can’t promise you that we won’t drop the “H” word anymore.

But we intend on making this site better, and we have no plans to go to a subscription model…so, our refund policy is still to pay you whatever you paid us to read OMW…


  1. victor malar says

    Nice new digs.

    Just keep doing what you do.

  2. More tv news ratings…never seem to be able to find them and every station touting they are #1.

    • Ohio Media Watch says

      Mike, TV news ratings – real, accurate ones – are very hard to come by.

      As you note, each station touts its own performance on whichever way that makes them look good. Slicing the ratings any which way. (“#1 at 11!”, “#1 with women 25-54!”, “#1 with left-handed people over 35!”, etc.)

      Radio ratings, at least the “vanity” 6-plus numbers, are released, but even those no longer include non-subscribing stations (such as WKNR in Cleveland).

      We wonder how Nielsen will change the radio side, now that it’s Nielsen Audio instead of Arbitron…

  3. As Edd China of Wheeler Dealer TV fame would say: “Two Thumbs Up.” Looks great!

  4. Even thogh I’m blind, I think reading about the new look is great. But I really would like to no How Our cleveland radio stations are doing in the ratings.

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