La Mega 87.7 Debuts (Includes Sound)

Cleveland’s first full-market Spanish-language station made its debut on schedule on this January 1st, as Murray Hill Broadcasting’s WLFM-LP 87.7 went from English-language alt-rock “87.7 Cleveland’s Sound” to Spanish-language “La Mega 87.7, Latino and Proud” exactly at 12 midnight.

Below is a scoped aircheck of the first few minutes of “La Mega 87.7”.

Thanks to our site host, Lance Venta at RadioInsight, we’re able to post the full 18 minute unscoped audio, including the last few minutes of music on “Cleveland’s Sound”.


We also didn’t hear the dual-language National Anthem, as had been promised earlier. We did hear some English in the first few “La Mega” minutes, including an English-language liner.


  1. 74wixygrad says:

    And thank you for this insight
    For the radio geeks to delight
    And it won’t be a sin
    For those who will, to tune in
    But for me, I’ll tell you, not quite

  2. And with that…87.7 is off my dial because I don’t speak or care about Spanish. The loss of “Cleveland’s Sound” is a shame because it easily became one of my favorite local stations. But no matter what the format 87.7 will no longer be on air after September 1, 2015 because that is the federally mandated date for low-power TV stations to broadcast entirely in digital.

  3. “mega”,,, how about “kilo”? I can’t hear them in Summit County even with a multi-element beam. Congrats. I guess this takes the place of the Pirate station I heard a few years ago on 87.9 MHz broadcasting en Espanol.

  4. Eliezer Cruz says:

    I love mega

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