Fee’s No Longer Company

UPDATE 4/10/15 10:05 AM: All Access says it’s a contract expiration –

CBS RADIO Hot AC WQAL (Q104)/CLEVELAND FEE’s KOMPANY morning show host ALLAN FEE exits as his contract expires. Look for GLENN ANDERSON, CARLEY McCORD and WOODY JUSTIK to remain with the show.

Midday host AVERAGE JOE (a.k.a. JOE KRAUSS) moves to mornings in the interim.

All Access says program director Dave Popovich is indeed looking for a new morning host…


When a radio station performs what we call a “Soviet-style purge” of someone’s presence from its website, and takes his name off the name of its morning drive show…

Allan-FeeWell, that could well mean that Allan Fee is no longer in the Halle Building in downtown Cleveland.

Q104LogoAnd numerous (and we mean numerous) sources confirm to OMW that Fee was let go/fired/removed at CBS Radio hot AC WQAL/104.1 “Q104” on Thursday.

What used to be known as “Fee’s Kompany” on Q104 will be known as the “Q104 Morning Show” when it airs again in just a few hours.

What we don’t know yet is WHY Allan Fee is no longer at the station, or what form the station’s morning show will take in the immediate, near or long-term future.

As they say…stay tuned.


  1. Jim beazel says

    That’s why I listen to mix 94.1 whbc fm out of canton because I think the cbs chain and the iheart radio chain are horrible for Cleveland !, I live in geauga county and pick up 94.1’s signal in Cleveland just fine

  2. Janice Miller says

    Alan Fee was the best radio host in Cleveland morning radio. What a huge loss for Q104. I’m sure wherever his career takes him he will be extremely successful. I wish him & his family all the best.

  3. He will be missed. Many times he had me laughing until I was crying in the morning

  4. that’s why I listen to the show because of alan fee. its going to be boring now and you will probably lose a lot of listeners.

  5. Allan is the heart of the show. It’s not the same without him. I really hope he will get a new show soon so I can listen to him. I haven’t lived in Ohio in almost 5 years but still listened to the show on the app.

  6. Allan Fee is IT. A classic CLE DJ-Knows this town, what is trending here, and most of all knows how to make you laugh.Although I enjoyed “Glenn the Funny Song Man” he is simply a small “bit” without Fee. Caryl adds little to the show.
    Searching for a new morning listening spot is hard work.. Urgh.

  7. What a loss for q104. I hope Allan pops up on another local station soon. I will be switching stations in the morning now. Joe, Carly and Glenn put together do not have a fraction of the charisma that Allan had. Allan has been an icon on Q104 radio. He is the reason I started listen back in the day when it was Wild & Fee with Rebecca. So disappointing.

  8. I have news for you…Allan Fee made the show. Thoroughly enjoyed him. I no longer will be listening to WQAL. Big mistake.

  9. I can’t believe Allan Fee is gone. The show sucks now, changing my radio station , good luck to Allan, wishing u and your family the best. Love Glenn and Woody but the rest are not so great , so I won’t be listening anymore. Goodbye Q104, big mistake taking Allan off the show

  10. I only listened in the morning because of alan fee

  11. Allen Fee was the show. I will never listen to Q104 again

  12. Shelley Isom says

    Will someone let me know what radio station Alan Fee goes to. He is surely missed. So sad.

  13. What a huge loss for 104. Allan made the show. Glenn is funny, but I can’t stand Carly. She is so obnoxious and is horrible for the show. I would tolerate her because Allan made the show and he shut her down a few times, which was funny to me. I won’t be listening anymore. Time to change the presets in my car, because the morning is the only time I listened. My morning drives to work won’t be the same.

  14. I will not listen to q104 anymore. What a mistake getting rid of Alan fee. Lost a listener

  15. I’ve been listening the last couple mornings trying to figure out what was going on. The show really is awful. Carly is a dingbat and joe brings no charisma. Time to find a new morning show. Such a loss without Alan

  16. Q104 SUCKS without Allan Fee….Glenn is a wussy and arrogant, Carly’s a transplant and obnoxious and well the other guy is just doing his job……only reason I listened was because of Allan…..sooooo…SEE YA LATER Q104….permanently changing the station NOW!!!!

  17. MB Kearney says

    Hudge loss for Cleveland radio. The whole structure of Q104 is disappointing. Same 7 popular songs played over and over. Absolutely no substance on that channel.

  18. The morning show will not be the same without Alan. Guess I will have to change station as well. Hope he finds bigger and better things!

  19. Alan was the reason why I listened in the morning. He was hilarious! Carly is young and obnoxious and thinks she’s all that. The music was okay but you can’t listen for more than 45 minutes until they start playing the same songs over and over. Sad day. I hope he joins another morning show so I can get my morning laughs. 🙁

  20. Such a LOSS! This morning show is NOT the same! Few was a key ingredient! Hope we hear that voice, jokes and standards you lived by! Sad in Parma…

  21. Actually like the chemistry of Joe,Carley and Glenn. It is starting to work. Listening again.

  22. I loved the morning show when it was Alan fee with Kathryn Boyd and Glenn! Can’t listen anymore. It’s just not the same! I think Maureen Kyle would be a MUCH better fit than Carly!

  23. Nora Mylant says

    I will not be listening to q104. I liked Alan Fee. Not so much Joe. Too bad.

  24. Mike Englert says

    I have been listening to Q104 in the morning since Allan came on board; one can only ask “why” such an abrupt and sudden termination from the show? Regardless of the reason, from all the comments posted thus far it is clear that Allan made the show, Allan will be missed, and the corporate brass at the station are idiots. Like many others listed here, I too will be changing stations. Good luck with your new morning crew and new characters, they’re going to need it.

  25. I listened back when Larry and Sally were DJs on Q104 I no longer enjoy the morning show without Alan Fee what a loss

  26. What a shock to hear of this news of Allan Fee being let go. This morning show is awful now. I couldn’t imagine what happened to him as I thought maybe a vacation or sickness. Big mistake by the powers that be. He was the heart & soul of that morning show. I listened today and had to change to another station because it was so bad and not the least bit funny.

  27. The show sucks now! Huge loss for Q104. Loved Allan and his wife Susan in her field. I don’t understand this decision at all.

  28. I love Carly ! She is not the typical predictable morning person.

  29. This is terrible. Ive been wondering where he was. I only ever listened to his show in the mornings. Im no longer a Q104 fan.

  30. The show was fine before, but it just seemed that Allan wanted every topic to drift toward sexual connotations. He could be talking about a restaurant he went to, then some how the words, “fundables, cougar, or girls on W 6th” came up. Almost sounded pitiful in a sense. Nothing “dirty” or inappropriate, just annoying. And this is coming from a thirty year old guy, not some old fuddy dutty. I do wish Allan the best as he has a family to support. I think he can succeed on another station locally.

  31. What a great loss. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks for Alan to come back. The show needs to be rescued bcuz it is awful!! I really like Glen and Woody but they are struggling with Joe at the helm of the show!!! When they got rid of Alan they stole our sunshine!

  32. Honestly, the show has been limping along since Katherine Boyd left. She was such an energetic, positive person. That was the show’s peak since I’ve been listening.

    I honestly can barely tell the difference between Joe and Woody. This is the last straw, sayonara.

  33. Mary Lucha says

    OMG !! i thought he was on Vacation. I can’t believe he is gone, this morning show will not make it without him, i always missed him when he was on Vacation, i like the others, but they are nothing without him. Who ever you get will never fill his shoe’s so for this reason I’m out, will find another station. SORRY !!!

  34. Loved Alan, Jenn and Glenn! Katherine was ok but when they replaced her with Carly I had to turn the channel. She’s too young for their listeners and makes comments that are just not intelligent. i switched and found Jenn and Tim on their sister station.

    • Yes….when Jen Toohey left Q104, I felt that the morning show went down hill. I think Jen and Tim have much better chemistry !

  35. Lisa Kollman says

    Every morning I kept waking up and wondering if Allan would be back and wondering why they weren’t saying anything on the show. Finally I investigated and found this article. This news is just so sad. I listen to wqmx, and only tune in to Q104 in the morning for the show. It’s not the same without Allan and his wonderful personality. I will miss his laugh, it cracked me up. Good luck to him in his future endeavors.

  36. I’ve been a loyal listener in the mornings, afternoons & weekends for years. I looked forward to listening mostly to the morning show because of Allan Fee. I thought he was on vacation until I went looking for information about him on the website and he has disappeared! Shame on you Q104 for not knowing what your audience wants and why we are loyal to your station. I wish Allan Fee & his family the best and know that another station will benefit from your mistake. Goodbye Q104!! ✋

  37. Laurie Daniels says

    I’m very sad to hear Allan Fee is no longer with Q104 in the morning ! He made that show plus he had the perfect voice for the radio ! This new guy whoever he is does not have that radio voice ! I don’t care what anyone says Allen was the best and he will be truly missed ! I hope he gets on one of the other stations cause I will definitely listen to him !

  38. I will no longer listen Q-104 Allen fee was damn funny and the new guy is interim, good in the afternoon but I just deleted Q104 off my list..SMH

  39. What a great move; clearly there is more to the story. He had a pompous, entitled, attitude that grew more insufferable every day.

    • Well said, John. No ill-will to Allan Fee as a person – I just could not stand to listen to his show. Pompous is an understatement, I’ll give Q104 a try again now that he is gone.

    • completely agree he was insufferable. It’s a shame he thought that his subject matter was what listeners wanted to hear. We deserve better. Got tired of him using the word “dittle” all the time

  40. Mary M. says

    Well this article solves the mystery. I wasn’t sure what happened to Allen Fee, so like other listeners, I tuned in each morning hoping to hear his voice. His banter was the funniest and most entertaining on morning radio. I have no reason to tune into Q104 anymore. This is a huge loss to CLE radio. Time to get books on tape…

  41. very sad
    just not the same

  42. Michele says

    I was wondering why he seemed to be gone on a very long vacation. Was anything said on the radio – very sad. Alan was funny and made me laugh every morning on my way to work. I like Glenn, but if the show does not improve, I guess I will be changing my morning show. Good luck Alan – I hope I can catch you on another station.

  43. Joy Scala says

    Dear Q104 you just made a Hugh mistake!!! Allen Fee was your show. There is no one there now who can fill his shoes!!! Have to find another morning show.

  44. Why did Alan leave? I don’t like Carly, I think she is to young and lacks life experience to host a radio show. Glen is not the same funny man without Alan.
    Funny thing is I was going to voice my opinion on how bad Carly is on the radio.

    I will not listen to your station.

  45. Bridget Costic says

    Hearing that Allan Fee is no longer a part of Q104 is awful. He was the entire morning show. Allan carried that show and made it what it was. He was the most genuine and funniest person in radio. I know I speak for myself and all of Cleveland when I say Q104 will never be the same. I listened because of Allan Fee. This station not only let down it’s listeners but the station itself by not renewing his contract. Allan is simply irreplaceable. I guarantee that whatever the future holds for Allan Fee it will be a bright one filled with laughter and high ratings. He has loyal listeners like myself that will continue to support and encourage his success.

  46. Paul M Litchfeild says

    U got to be kidding me I been listening Allen since he started on Q104. Now the X Q104, That station should go to be a gospel station.
    That what it sounds like in the morning on way to work now ! THE others just don’t have , Allen did so if you don’t what to lose listeners . Do what ever u people have to do BUT get him BACk

  47. So sad. Allen was the heart of the show! I am still listening but not a fan of Carley and still love Glenn and woody! I sure hope they had a good reason. Will never be the same or as good, Allen brought something special to the show and my mornings. I will miss him. – Beth

    • Just as the other listeners have mentioned, I kept listening and wondering where the heck Alan is? I just loved his quick wit and just made the morning drive into work entertaining! I too will continue to surf the stations in the morning in hopes that one morning I will find him on another station!
      I just can’t stand listening to the morning show right now, it has no flare, just a real bore!

  48. Not surprising. All Fee would do is bring up sexual topics or innuendo questions that seemed inappropriate for a morning show. Glad he’s gone. Carly’s voice is annoying as well, but all Fee was interested in was sex…if you really think about most of the topics, that’s what it was. Good riddance

  49. Good luck to you Allan Fee! BIG MISTAKE for Q104! I will not be listening anymore!

  50. I can’t believe this, that was the best show in the morning. My family loved listening to him on the radio. I would have thought Carly would have moved on..she doesn’t really grow on you in a good way. Glen and Woody are really funny. I will wait to hear his voice again on the radio again soon….please.

  51. John 44 says

    The show was at its absolute best with Catherine and Allan! Carly is okay, but can be annoying, Joe is okay too, but the show was MUCH more dynamic and entertaining when Allan was at the helm! I get it that some were annoyed with the innuendo’s…but that was a small part of the show, most of it was good fun and laughs! I always tuned in to 104 in the morning, now I’m spending more time listening to Jen & Tim, they are really funny together…Jen was good at Q104, she’s really good at 102.

  52. I love Q104 I love Carley and Average joedi and Glenn they brighten up my day there the best rita

  53. Average Joe, Glenn and Carly are starting to click. I laughed so hard at them this morning. I especially like Carly. Reminds me of a very young Kelly Raspberry. If she stays with it for a few years, she will be unique and hilarious.

  54. I completely agree with most of these comments. The show is incredibly boring without Allan – sad to see him go. Guess I’ll go back to listening to 98.1 in the morning. Best of luck Allan.

  55. Hate the morning show! Not the same without Alan Fee!

  56. I don’t listen to them in the mornings anymore. Carly’s voice is NOT radio quality, and I think average Joe’s voice is an over the top fake radio voice.

  57. The station is boring now. I loved listening to it each day on my way to work as the show made me laugh but not anymore! Need to change the format or the station is going to lose alot of listeners; including myself!

  58. Average Joe and Carly are both boring. You have lost another listener…

  59. richard p. says

    I waited for Allan to return for a couple weeks. I heard nothing indicating this change. Very poor way to treat your listeners. I am sad that Allan is gone and think the morning show Has suffered. From the comment here maybe they should not renew the contract of the person that made the decision. I’m not leaving or threatening to leave. I’ve been listening since danny and Marie in 2000 when I moved here.

  60. I stopped listening when Carly joined the team, couldnt handle her un-tuned voice, not being mean, just the truth! Allan was the only reason I tuned in on occasion. Elvis Duran is where its at!

  61. I have always listened to Q104 in the morning. No longer .. Missing Allan #BORING

  62. I find the show completely annoying without Allan! The only one I enjoy listening to is Glenn. I just pulled 104.1 off my presets in the morning.

  63. Very disappointing to learn about Allan. He is a talented, entertaining and sorely missed. Q104 had been my morning station of choice for a number of years. Thanks for the laughs, Allan. Best wishes.

    P.S. Q104 operates from advertising dollars, right??? Basic rule in media: Know your audience. Don’t turn into a 102.1 or 106.5.

  64. Alan was the heart and soul of the morning show–I will not be listeneing to this station anymore–have already switched to 96.5

  65. Jeff is just not a good fit, plus hes incredibly difficult to listen to, not a good sound, I have changed stations after being a loyal listener for many years.

  66. I do not listen to Q104 anymore. Jeff is terrible. They blew it when they let Fee go.

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