THIS JUST IN: Booms Ousted At “The Fan”

Numerous sources report that CBS Radio sports WKRK-FM/92.3 “The Fan” morning co-host Chuck Booms (“Kiley and Booms”)  is out of the building.

Cleveland Scene columnist and OMW reader Vince Grzegorek first reported the news, then confirmed it with “Fan” program director Andy Roth, and got comment from Booms himself:

Update: Program director Andy Roth confirmed and had this to say: “I can confirm we parted ways with Chuck. We wish him well and we’ll announce his replacement in the near future.”

Update II: Here’s what Chuck Booms had to say in a short conversation: “I’m shocked, and I’m sad, extremely sad. And most of all I’m sad for the fans of the show, because when you’re a standup, the reason you get into it is because of the people that go and enjoy what you do. To have this happen, it’s rough. I’m grateful for, basically, the four years we had, but this came way out of left field. But I’m an optimist. Onward and upward.”

WKRK has changed its website to remove Booms from the morning drive show, replacing it with a page for “The Fan’s Morning Show”, which only mentions Kevin Kiley. (Booms’ name was on show recap listings, but that’s now been removed. You’re welcome, Andy.)

We won’t be able to update this until this evening, but expect more then…


  1. Bob Felty says

    Finally! Great move. Now maybe callers and guests will actually be able to finish a thought without being interrupted by his face for radio and voice for newspaper. maybe now he can pursue his dream of marrying Johnny Manziel.

  2. I really hope they don’t move Ken Carman to mornings. His night time show is great. If they do move Ken I hope they won’t replace him with Chris Fedor.

  3. Probably 90 day notice not to renew his contract. Assume original contract was from August, when they went sports.

  4. 92.3 – the all day Browns quarterback situation talk station. Compelling radio.

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