Press Release Theatre, Vol. 13

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Ann VerWiebe, WKSU

In a Columbus ceremony, WKSU was honored with 10 OAPME Awards from the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors this weekend, including the top award for General Excellence (an award presented to the large market radio station with the best showing in the competition). The event celebrated the best journalism in Ohio. It is the third year that contests for print and broadcast reporting were combined.

Station journalists earned the top prizes for Best Reporter in Ohio. Tim Rudell took home first place for work that included ongoing reports on fracking in Northeast Ohio, the Ebola connection in Northeast Ohio, increased heroin deaths throughout the area, the high risk of landslides regionally, rare snow leopards born at the Akron Zoo, and many other timely topics. Rudell spends much of his time working from the station’s Canton news bureau in the Cultural Center for the Arts or at the downtown Akron studios at the corner of Market and Main Sts. The judges said, “A great compilation of the reporter’s depth and ability to tell both shorter and more in-depth stories in a clear and concise way. The reporter obviously knows what works and what doesn’t and knows how to tell a wide variety of stories.”

M.L. Schultze, who is WKSU’s web editor as well as a full-time reporter, came in second for Best Reporter. The judges said, “Excellent work by a reporter who can make sense of facts and present them in an understandable way. Great job.”

WKSU also swept the awards for Best Breaking News Coverage. Kevin Niedermier, who is stationed in WKSU’s Cleveland Bureau in WKYC’s studios, topped the list with a short but informative report on the announcement granting Cleveland the 2016 Republican National Convention. Right behind him in second place was Kabir Bhatia providing an optimistic spin on United’s choice to pull its hub at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Amanda Rabinowitz took home her second consecutive first-place award for her work as local anchor for NPR’s Morning Edition. Rabinowitz has been a reporter, host and producer at WKSU since 2007. She also received first-place honors for her series “Heroin: Big Trouble in a Small Town,” which told personal stories of people in Dover and New Philadelphia who have been touched by the growing heroin epidemic in rural Ohio. The judges said, “Robust coverage on air and online on a heavy topic. Excellent series.” Rabinowitz took home a second-place OAPME Award for Extraordinary Coverage of a Scheduled Event for her reporting on Gay Games 9.

The efforts of the newsroom and other staff was recognized with the first-place award for Best Digital Presence. Chuck Poulton, Director of IT and Engineering, led WKSU’s digital charge including the website; Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages; and Android and iPhone mobile apps. During 2014, WKSU used its digital footprint to add background and more engaging information to stories like Akron’s Ebola scare, LeBron James’ return to Northeast Ohio, special news series (like Rabinowitz’s coverage the Gay Games and Vivian Goodman’s Quick Bites features), regional arts activities, station events and more.

Jeff St. Clair picked up a second-place OAPME Award for Best Use of Sound for a tour of a recently updated Timken Steel factory floor. The judges said, “Excellent placement of natural sound and soundbites that, combined, help the listener visualize this place. Terrific storytelling through sound.”



Ann VerWiebe, WKSU

WKSU reporter/producer Jeff St. Clair has been recognized by The Radio-Television-Digital News Association (RTDNA) with a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Reporting. WKSU competes in the Large Market division against public and commercial radio stations in major cities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. St. Clair’s entry now moves on automatically to the national RTDNA contest where it will compete with other first-place winners from large-market radio stations across the country.

St. Clair’s winning report focused on new research being done on the rise of serious knee injuries in young female athletes and the connection between injuries and the lack of gender-specific training. The story was part of his on-going Exploradio series that investigates science, technology, medical research and innovation in Northeast Ohio.

Girls are up to 10 times more likely than boys to suffer knee injuries in sports like soccer and basketball. Researchers in Akron have discovered that genetic differences help explain the disparity. The genders have variations in the structure of their ligaments, leading them to react differently to movement and stress. But, St. Clair learned that a lack of proper sports training is also partly to blame. Anatomy and the physics play a factor in how the female leg hits the ground, and girls can learn to better work with their physiology when trainers prepare them with a tailored skillset.


Q104 Raises $68,573 for the Cleveland APL

CLEVELAND, OH; Q104’s 10th Annual Pledge for Pets Radiothon brought to you by The PUP Program from The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, was held over the past two days and raised $68,573 for the Cleveland Animal Protective League, an organization which helps end animal suffering by rescuing abused and homeless pets and finding loving homes for them.

“Thank you Cleveland for caring about Animals,” states Q104 program director Dave Popovich. “We have the best and most caring listeners around!”

Throughout the two day Radiothon, listeners were treated to heartwarming stories of survival and hope! Listeners were also encouraged to come down to the Cleveland APL and adopt an animal. Donations are still being accepted for the Cleveland APL at


FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio receive seven Emmy nominations

The Lower Great Lakes Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts Sciences recently announced its 46th annual Emmy nominations. FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio are excited to have received seven Emmy nominations combined.

“These Emmy nominations reflect a lot of hard work and we’re proud that our Indians and Cavaliers coverage got nominated,” said François McGillicuddy, Senior Vice President and General Manager of FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTimeOhio. “We’re especially pleased to see the contributions of 16 different individuals be recognized by these nominations.”

Please see below for a complete list of FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio Emmy nominees.

Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited
SportsTime Ohio: Cleveland Indians Baseball
· Jim Murphy

· Patrick Murray

· Patrick Kilkenney

· Mike Pocta

· Steve Barto

Sports – One-Time Special
SportsTime Ohio: Francona Revealed
· Jeff Platz

· Tom Farmer

· Patrick Kilkenney

FOX Sports Ohio: Cavaliers Live – 2014 Opening Night
· Joe Ranyak

· Tom Farmer

· Patrick Kilkenney

Sports – Program
SportsTime Ohio: 18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin – St. Kitts
Tee It Up Productions
· Dean Cummings

· Jimmy Hanlin

· Joseph Wozniak

· Ashley Collins

Historical/Cultural Program or Special
SportsTime Ohio: Cleveland’s Gateway
· Patrick Kilkenney

· John Zaccardelli

· Dean Cummings

Crafts: Director – Sports
FOX Sports Ohio: Cavaliers Basketball
· Daniel Sevic

Crafts: Graphics/Animation
FOX Sports Ohio: 2014 Graphics/Animation Compilation
· Joseph Von Enck

· Greg Golya

The networks are also pleased to note the Cleveland Cavaliers’ received a nomination for Access Cavaliers, a Cavs-produced program aired on FOX Sports Ohio.

Sports – Program
Cleveland Cavaliers: Access Cavaliers – The Essay
· Leo Simone

· David McElhatten

· Dave Dombrowski

· Fred McLeod

· Ryan Banks

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