New Comment Policy

After much talk, mostly by your Primary Editorial Voice(tm), we’ve implemented the first change in our comment policy.

As of today, comments will be open for approximately 24 hours, then will be closed without regard to the topic being discussed. It’ll be an automatic policy for us, no matter what.

Comments on topics not having to do with the original item or related topics will be also deleted, at our discretion.

We’ve closed comments on all recent items before this – everything on our front page – except for the most recent item.

As time goes on, we’ll continue going back into the old items and closing comments as far back as we can. (If someone posts to them, no one will really see the comment anyway, as it’ll be far off the front page…but if the items are commented upon, we’ll go in and close that particular comment.)

We remind readers once again that when we started OMW back in mid-2005, we had no intention on becoming a default message board. Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) has neither the time nor inclination to moderate message boards, and it’s not why this report began. As we often say, “the comments came with the blog”.

The comment policy is in place until further notice. Any abuse of the policy, and all new items will be posted without any ability to comment. As per usual, we direct you to the various message boards catering to local radio and TV, some of which are linked on the left-hand side of this page.

Thank you for your cooperation, and consideration,

–The Management

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