Out Of A (Kris) Pickel

Local TV newsrooms have always featured a virtual revolving door, but this one’s a big one. There’s one more exit on our list (who is also heading west), but first…

ARIZONA BOUND: Kris Pickel, brought in from Sacramento to Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3 in March 2012 to become co-anchor with former CBS News anchor/reporter Russ Mitchell, is heading back west. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


The Mouse Is Silent, Here Comes The Rock

At Cleveland’s WWMK/1260, the “mouse” is silent, but the “rock” could take its place soon.

RadioDisneyLogoSometime in the past few days, the kiddie-pop music heard on AM 1260 went away, and the Radio Disney-owned station signed off the air.

Up next: OMW hears that the new occupant of the 1260 dial spot, St. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Reprieve For “La Mega”

As expected, the looming September 1st FCC deadline for analog LPTV stations to convert to digital has been suspended.

fcc-logo_black-on-whiteThe excellent Tom Taylor Now E-mail newsletter gave us first word of the FCC’s decision (released on Friday) here, and explains some of it:

The reprieve is a logical move given the early-2016 TV spectrum auction that’s going to turn the whole dial upside down after it’s been trimmed up and “re-packed.” The FCC says postponing the September 1 transition date is “appropriate in order to allow analog LPTV and TV translator stations to postpone construction of digital facilities that could be impacted in the incentive auction.”

But as Tom notes, it has a major effect on the so-called “Franken FM” stations…the nickname given to analog LPTV stations that use Channel 6’s audio at 87.7(5) mHz to create new “radio” stations right above the start of the traditional FM dial. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


On To The Next Radio

Radio and TV, both traditional and “new”, in this update. But first…

NEXT RADIO MOVE: We’re still compiling items for our “#TheNextRadio” series, focusing on non-broadcast versions of “radio” in 2015.

One long-time OMW reader is diving into that universe head first. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Spinoff Name Change For Cleveland TV Owner

It’s all the rage in communications. Large companies with holdings in both broadcast and print are spinning off their print properties from broadcast operations.

It’s already happened twice in Cleveland TV, and it’s about to happen again.

TegnaGannettLogoNBC affiliate WKYC/3 owner Gannett announced Tuesday that its newspaper side will become a separate operation this summer from its broadcast side, but unlike in previous splits, the broadcast part of Gannett will take a new name…TEGNA. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


No Longer Ink Stained

The trend is growing – with long-time print reporters trading ink and print for electrons.

TrexlerABJVeteran Akron Beacon Journal reporter Phil Trexler is the latest “ink stained wretch” to go electronic, as he’s leaving East Exchange Street to take his talents to the North Coast…

[ Click Here To Continue Reading ]

Fee’s No Longer Company

UPDATE 4/10/15 10:05 AM: All Access says it’s a contract expiration –

CBS RADIO Hot AC WQAL (Q104)/CLEVELAND FEE’s KOMPANY morning show host ALLAN FEE exits as his contract expires. Look for GLENN ANDERSON, CARLEY McCORD and WOODY JUSTIK to remain with the show. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Press Release Theatre, Vol. 12

As usual, guess who starts our press release parade? Well, she WAS first…and she has some help from another Kent-based Friend of OMW…



The WKSU newsroom looks back at two significant historical events, presented in collaboration with Western Reserve PBS. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


A Cozi Laff

There were rumblings that the previously announced “Laff” comedy subchannel would not actually directly replace “Live Well Network” on Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5’s 5.2 subchannel when that home and lifestyle subchannel goes away later this month.

That turns out to be correct, but only because another subchannel network will come to Cleveland on WEWS’ 5.2 subchannel instead. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


A Star (102) Is Born

When CBS Radio AC WDOK/102.1 took the name “New 102″ in early 2012, we wondered how long “New” would last.

Star102LogoPeg it at three years and three months, as the AC side of the Halle Building has trotted out its “Star” destiny…and has become “Star 102″ as of today. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]