Youngstown Weather Icon Dies

Not many people west of Portage County may be familiar with Don Guthrie.

DonGuthrieRIPBut Don was very much to the Mahoning Valley as Dick Goddard is to the rest of Northeast Ohio, and sadly, Don lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Sunday night. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Controversy, Exits And Entrances

In which a swirl of controversy envelopes radio and TV personalities…some of it significant, some of it not…

HE’S GONE: When David Oliver became now-former chief of the Brimfield Police Department, we noted that as far as we knew, he still had his part-time job as a weekend radio host at Media-Com talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron”. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Good For A LAFF

With the home/lifestyle subchannel Live Well TV shutting down this month, there’s been no word what Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5 in Cleveland would replace it with on 5.2…until now.

LAFFThe folks behind male-targeted GRIT (WUAB 43.3) and female-targeted ESCAPE (WQHS 61.4) are going after funny bones of both genders with the new “LAFF” network. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


The Talk Of Brimfield

Ordinarily, the resignation of a small town Ohio police chief embroiled in controversy would not attract worldwide attention.

NoMopesBut we’re talking about David Oliver here, “the Internet Sensation” and Facebook star…who until Friday was the chief of the Brimfield Township police department. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


A Radio Followup

This one is all about radio, catching up on a couple of news items…

CATHOLIC EARS: Word came out Friday that a local lay Catholic media group will be the new operators of Cleveland’s WWMK/1260.

AM1260TheRockLogoThe current kid-pop music format will certainly change, and the call letters will likely change as well, as St. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Bob Frantz Resurfaces

In early July, talk show host Bob Frantz was unceremoniously shown the door at Oak Tree…bounced from his evening talk show on then-Clear Channel-now-iHeart talk WTAM/1100 in Cleveland. The reason? Budget cuts.

BobFrantzBefore being moved to evenings, Bob was hired to clean up the midday mess left behind by liberal syndicated talk host Jerry Springer…before WTAM brought back conservative syndicated host Glenn Beck. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


The Monday Aftershock

As if our earlier item – with a whole laundry list of changes at local TV newsrooms – wasn’t enough…

SAM’S REPLACEMENT: With well-liked Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5 VP/general manager Sam Rosenwasser no longer in the building at 3001 Euclid, we now know who’ll replace him. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Opening The Year

Welcome to 2015…but first, we have to clear out the backlog from the end of 2014…

WKYC CHANGES: First, we turn to 13th and Lakeside, one of several busy places TV-wise as the calendar winded down the year. (We’ll wind our way through all the other local TV news operations in Cleveland, as this string continues.)

micki_byrnesThe job descriptions in the Spectorsky-Byrnes household have once again shifted, and Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3 station manager Micki Byrnes has taken the top job at the station from her husband, long-time president and general manager Brooke Spectorsky. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Happy Holidays

There is one news item here (stay tuned!), this is mostly a note to let readers know that we are officially taking a Holiday Hiatus.

Our news item is brief, and involves local TV.

DenisePolverineNEOMGDenise Polverine, long-time Editor in Chief/Director of Digital Operations for Ohio Media Group, is making the jump to broadcast TV. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


John And Johnny

And about the only thing missing from our item in that department is “WKRP in Cincinnati”‘s Dr. Johnny Fever. But first…

UNWRAPPING DIGITAL TV: Those looking for new digital TV options have a couple of new presents on the over-air dial in the Cleveland market…and one, well, let’s just say we’re checking to see if pigs are flying over Portage County. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]