Off And On

From signals off to court humor on, here we are…

UPDATE: As if by magic, the moment we posted this item, WEAO/49’s over-air signal returned. Read on for news of program rescheduling to make up for the outage…

49 OFF AGAIN: Western Reserve PBS’ Akron signal is off the air again. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


New Starts

Some changes, and some observations…

RODA TO WHBC: Veteran Cleveland sports talk radio host Kenny Roda has found a landing spot…a good ways down I-77 from his long-time radio home in Cleveland.

KennyRodaStarting October 27th, the former afternoon drive host at Good Karma sports WKNR/850 “ESPN 850″ takes over afternoon drive at Digity talk WHBC/1480 Canton, taking over the 3-7 PM slot from WHBC sports director Sam Bourquin. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


A Flood Of Items

From radio to TV, to TV passing off as radio, we’re bailing out the water here…

LA MEGA STAYING?: If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times…or maybe it only SEEMS like a thousand times.

We have frequently cautioned fans of first, alt-rock “87.7 Cleveland’s Sound” and then, Spanish-language CHR “La Mega 87.7″, not to become too attached to a radio signal at 87.7 on the FM dial. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


More Sports And Radio, Plus TV

The influence of LeBron James continues to affect local media…

CAVS TO FM: There’ll be less music on iHeart[/former Clear Channel] rock/talk WMMS/100.7 in Cleveland, and more balls.

CavsLogoThat’s because WMMS has become the FM flagship of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Kevin Metheny Is Dead

A man who once held a high-level radio programming job in Cleveland has passed away.

KevinMethenyAll Access had first confirmation that former Clear Channel Cleveland cluster programmer and regional programming VP Kevin Metheny died suddenly on Friday afternoon:

Tragic news out of the BAY AREA: Sources confirm to ALL ACCESS that CUMULUS Talk KGO-A and KSFO/SAN FRANCISCO OM KEVIN METHENY has passed away from an apparent heart attack. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


This Is (Still) CBS

The folks at the Halle Building, and at other large-but-not-major market CBS Radio clusters, must feel like they’re on a roller coaster at Cedar Point, and that coaster has taken another sharp dip.

CBS_Radio_logoAfter repeatedly signaling that it wants out of sub-major markets, and wants to concentrate on the biggest markets, CBS Radio took the first big step* in that direction on Thursday. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Gone And Staying

Some random items while waiting for proverbial footwear to drop…and we’re talking large shoes here…

RADIO DISNEY IS STILL ALL EARS: You were supposed to be hearing the Sounds of Silence on Radio Disney stations like WWMK/1260 Cleveland by now, and no, not the Simon & Garfunkel hit. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Rumors And Reality

And let’s start with the rumblings first…

CBS SALE?: The folks at the Halle Building are probably used to it by now…their big boss is once again making noises about leaving below major market radio, selling off its stations in even large markets like Cleveland. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Changes And Lawsuits

Let’s start with the legal action first…

MAGGIE SUES: It was no surprise that former Media-Com talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron” morning co-host Maggie Fuller was going to file a sexual harrassment lawsuit against her former employers. We just didn’t know when. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Chilly Catchup

As we write this, temperatures are pushing close to 40 degrees in the early morning hours. Time to grab a space heater…

CHICAGO SPECULATION: Former Cleveland radio personality Maxwell is out of a job in Chicago.

The former Clear Channel rock/talk WMMS/100.7 afternoon driver, who had a cup of coffee in mornings at CBS Radio classic rock WNCX/98.5, is no longer hosting mornings at Cumulus classic rock WLUP/97.9 “The Loop” in Chicago. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]