Pieces Of Information

We have a pretty scattered list of items. But first, what we don’t actually have…

NO IDEA AT THIS TIME: If you’ve followed us on social media the past few days, well, we’ve been a bit annoyed.

Our apologies, but we’ve been shelled with questions (and many E-mails as well) about a certain Cleveland AM sports talk radio host and his absence from the airwaves – and apparently, the station’s own website. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Kristi Capel, Round Two

We, along with many others, thought that “Fox 8 News in the Morning” co-anchor Kristi Capel’s Worldwide Ordeal would be over on Tuesday.

KristiAndWayneScreenshotAs reported that day, Capel returned to Tribune Fox affiliate WJW/8’s morning newscast/talkfest. She delivered an apology similar to the one she ended up leaving on her Twitter account, and got genuine support from co-anchor Wayne Dawson. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


You Say One Word

…and if it’s the wrong word, you, a local news anchor in Cleveland, become an international celebrity. And not at all in a good way.

KristiAndWayneScreenshotThat’s what happened to Tribune Fox affiliate WJW/8 “Fox 8 News in the Morning” co-anchor Kristi Capel on Monday morning. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


The Next Radio 1: oWOW

next2Our first #thenextradio installment is a question and answer session with John Gorman.

Both in Cleveland and beyond, he is best known for his stint programming iconic rock station WMMS/100.7, which is today the iHeart-owned blend of talk, rock and sports. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


About The Next Radio

Each Monday, we will have an installment in our series called #thenextradio.

thenextradioThe series came about when we were, like many, noticing experienced broadcasters striking out on their own…more often than before. Some had left “traditional radio” voluntarily, some not in such a voluntary way. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Held A Virtual Hostage

And other items…but first…

RADIO/TV HOLDUP: Last month, a tiny West Michigan radio station was turned asunder…as parties unknown held a virtual gun to its computer systems.

Grand Rapids NBC affiliate WOOD-TV/8 covered the story at Jim Higgs-owned standards WAKV/980 Otesgo MI:

On Jan. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Stations New And Old

And our opener today is a big signal upgrade for a translator that’ll apparently add to iHeart’s Oak Tree stable…

LATEST FORMAT?: Our content partners at RadioInsight first spotted a move that’d turn translator W291BV/106.1 Solon into a player in the Cleveland market, signal-wise:

In Cleveland, an application filed by iHeartMedia will see EMF’s 106.1 W291BV Solon, OH move to the current auxiliary antenna of CBS’ 102.1 WDOK where it will operate with 200 watts at 264 meters rebroadcasting an HD subchannel of iHeart’s 96.5 WAKS Akron. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Youngstown Weather Icon Dies

Not many people west of Portage County may be familiar with Don Guthrie.

DonGuthrieRIPBut Don was very much to the Mahoning Valley as Dick Goddard is to the rest of Northeast Ohio, and sadly, Don lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Sunday night. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Controversy, Exits And Entrances

In which a swirl of controversy envelopes radio and TV personalities…some of it significant, some of it not…

HE’S GONE: When David Oliver became now-former chief of the Brimfield Police Department, we noted that as far as we knew, he still had his part-time job as a weekend radio host at Media-Com talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron”. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]


Good For A LAFF

With the home/lifestyle subchannel Live Well TV shutting down this month, there’s been no word what Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5 in Cleveland would replace it with on 5.2…until now.

LAFFThe folks behind male-targeted GRIT (WUAB 43.3) and female-targeted ESCAPE (WQHS 61.4) are going after funny bones of both genders with the new “LAFF” network. [ Click Here To Continue Reading ]